How We Operate

Sydney ConFesters gatherings are different to most other get-togethers. Please read this introduction to get the most from your experience:

There are no staff, only volunteers at Sydney ConFesters – everyone who comes does what needs to be done and this is what makes our gatherings special. If you see something needs doing, do it. Feel free to ask for advice and help.

Sydney ConFesters is about learning to live together and care for each other. Please be aware of your words and actions and how others may feel in response.

Sydney Confest Food

Drugs and alcohol are not welcome at Sydney ConFesters gatherings. Sydney ConFesters love to get high on life and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Sydney ConFesters has a no pets policy. No exceptions.  Even our avid pet-loving ConFesters leave their furry kids at home. You will not be admitted if you bring your pets.

Sydney ConFesters enjoy the beauty, sounds and scents of the Australian bush – please do not play any recorded music and do not smoke in communal areas. By all means bring your acoustic instruments.

Sydney ConFesters is all about sharing – no commercial activities please.

Clothing is optional – you are welcome to wear clothes or not, the choice is yours.

Sydney ConFesters is a place for people to feel free to learn and do things differently – being photographed or filmed can make it harder to do this. Please do not take photographs of people until you have their agreement to do so. Children under 16 may be photographed only if their parents are present and agree.

Whilst every care is taken by the Down To Earth Coop and Sydney ConFesters, they assume no responsibility and accept no liability for the activities of patrons or for any loss, injury or damage suffered or incurred by patrons whilst attending the gathering or whilst located on the Sydney ConFesters site.


Down to Earth and Sydney ConFesters reserve the right to:

Refuse entry to the Sydney ConFesters gathering site.
Remove persons from the Sydney ConFesters gathering site.
Require vehicles blocking access or parked inappropriately to be moved.
Require persons to leave if accompanied by a pet.
Change gathering dates or location with limited notification.
Action will be taken in the event of inappropriate behaviour of attendees at Sydney ConFesters gatherings. Inappropriate behaviour may relate to the use of drugs and alcohol, sexual or physical harassment or inappropriateness, mistreatment of the site or breaches of policy or conditions.

No written, aural or visual record of this event may be made without the prior permission of Down To Earth. Down to Earth reserves all rights to publication of any or all records of the Sydney ConFesters gathering. Permission will only be granted to make such records on the condition that the individual agrees to transfer the copyright in the records to Down to Earth.