Welcome Home

“I wish the rest of my life was like this” – Jake

Confest is a welcoming place where you can express your individuality amongst a non-judgemental and welcoming community, where you escape the narrow confines of societal expectation.

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Sydney ConFesters gatherings are a living community of accepting people who gather together a few times a year to celebrate life, nature and creativity, and to invent new ways of being in community that are healthy, safe, free and inclusive. We grew out of the Down to Earth (DTE) ConFests which were initiated by Jim Cairns, Junie Morosi and others in the 1970s as part of the alternative lifestyle revolution.

We invite you to actively participate in a long weekend of talk, play, meditation, workshops, or whatever else you may choose to bring. Bring your thoughts and experiences and share them around so you will participate and make it a supper event. Have a cup of chai tea in the chai tent or just soak in the hot tub under the stars with friends. Bring your own food or contribute to yummy communal meals in our well equipped field kitchen.

Gatherings happen because we all participate in making them happen. Each participant offers a valuable contribution towards the end result. Sydney ConFesters gatherings are about freedom of expression, responsibility and self-respect. It is a clothing optional event therefore expect some nudity. Rude and or lude behaviour is not tolerated and persons behaving this way will be asked to leave.

Our gatherings are drug and alcohol free. We want to meet the real you and look forward to chats around the fire.

Come Home, come to Confest

Next Gathering

Thurs 23rd – Mon 27th January 2020
(incorporating the Australia Day Long Weekend)

The next Sydney ConFesters Gathering will be 10am Thurs 23rd to 3pm Mon 27th January 2020, incorporating the Australia Day long weekend.

The location is 256 Webbs Creek Road, Webbs Creek – the Outdoor Adventure Camps, Castle Mountain – including permanent kitchen and shower/toilet block for your convenience and strung along along enticing swimming holes – all part of the beautiful Hawkesbury valley 60km northwest of Sydney.


$99 covers you for the whole five day event (down to only $5 for each person aged 5 – 15 years and $1 for under 5 years), this is the BEST and Cheapest Way to book!

Note that online booking facility closes BEFORE the event to give us time to prepare the attendees list. By booking now, you are helping us with our pre-event admin and also saving yourself from disappointment if you leave it too late.

Yes, prices have gone up! This is due to the daily fees charged by the site owner - we have to cover our costs so that Sydney Confest can continue to be an ongoing event. But where else can you spend five days/four nights being free amongst beautiful people for less than $25 a night? Remember also that the site includes showers, toilets and a kitchen - so we can spend less time setting up / packing away and more time enjoying ourselves with our friends!

Anyone who is feeling super-generous and is also able to cover the cost of someone less fortunate than themselves, please contact us and let us know.

NUT & GLASS FREE - this site is Nut and Glass free for all events, meaning no nuts and no glass to be brought onto the site. This is to help protect children from allergic reactions and injury.



CAR FREE ZONES: Please observe car free zones for the safety of all.

DAY VISITORS must exit the property before 8pm (site owner condition).

NO PETS allowed.

EVERYONE to exit the property before 3pm on Monday, please do not overstay your welcome.

For those that are unable to book online (see above), tickets will be available at the gate:
At the gate, $120 covers the whole five day event for a person aged 16 years and over (down to only $5 for each person aged 5 - 15 years and $1 for under 5 years).
$25 for a day visitor.
Note: cash only at the gate We do NOT have credit card facilities.


Make sure your GPS navigation software includes Ferry Crossings!

  • At the bottom of hill just as you enter Wiseman's Ferry (before hotel) - TURN LEFT to Webbs Creek Car Ferry (runs 24/7 free).
  • After crossing the Hawkesbury River drive 100m. Take FIRST LEFT past signpost The Outdoor Adventure Company.
  • Drive 200m to an intersection - take RIGHT side onto dirt road - this is Webbs Creek Road.
  • Drive another 3km and you will see the Castle Mountain Log Entrance.
  • 500m further on you cross a suspension bridge and the Castle Mountain campsite is another 400m from there - WELCOME HOME SYDNEY CONFESTERS.



To keep costs down and in the spirit of community, each person is encouraged to contribute at least 2 hours of their time to the service of the community. This can be done in many ways: Cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, tending to the fire, setting up or packing away the camp site. This is not a comprehensive list, for more information about the community spirit of SydneyconFesters click on these links:
How do I Participate?
How We Operate

Thinking of running a Workshop? Post it on the Facebook event page to promote it and get people excited to attend. This is a lovely, intimate way to share your knowledge and skills.

If you have a musical instrument, please bring it along with you. There is usually a drumming/music circle each night with dancing, joy and laughter to restore your body/mind system.


Food is in the way of community cooking of vegetarian meals in the community kitchen. The kitchen will be stocked with basics such as grains and legumes, herbs and spices and Chai ingredients.

In the spirit of community, we ask that all participants bring ingredients to share in the community kitchen. The kinds of things we need are: Fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds of all kinds, protein foods such as various milks, tofu and good fats such as oils for cooking and salads. Foods that must be refrigerated to be kept in the communal esky.

NOTE: NUT & GLASS FREE - this site is Nut and Glass free for all events, meaning no nuts and no glass to be brought onto the site. This is to help protect children from allergic reactions and injury.

What To Bring? click here

Please be aware that this is an ALCOHOL AND DRUG FREE EVENT

If you wish to know more about Sydney Confesters, contact us here

What is Confest?

Confest embodies:

  • happiness and love
  • dancing and drumming
  • togetherness and peace
  • vegetarianism and healthy eating
  • ecstatic being – without needing alcohol/drugs
  • mind awareness and body health
  • conversations and workshops to expand your mind, free your body and deepen your soul

From a single shipping container, we pop out a beautiful home for alternative living in the Australian bush, including:

  • kitchen
  • hot tub
  • communal fire
  • chai tent
  • massage shelter
  • workshops space
  • river to swim in
  • shower and portaloos

Bring a tent, an open attitude, some clothes (optional) and prepare to unpack your own creativity!


“The infrastructure was top-notch, thanks to Jonathan Parfoot’s vision and the help of many who put a great deal of time and effort into setting it up. Nothing was amiss: we had a hot tub large enough to accommodate 20+ people, a swimming pool to dip into after an invigorating session in the Steam Tent. A mud pit almost large enough to accommodate the entire village and a beach complete with slippery dip entry. Not to mention, a Chai Tent with endless pots of chai on simmer, a Healing Tent, a well-equipped Common Kitchen, Children’s Space and a dedicated Workshop space that saw a good deal of use.

If workshops are a priority for you at Confest, I can assure you that they were there to be had. People shared their mastery and experience generously, just to name a few topics and workshops: Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Energy Conservation, several Yoga disciplines, Hug workshops, a Kissing Workshop, a Drawing workshop…the list went on.”
– Sage

“The kids had more fun than should be allowed – there was nothing to do – except workshops, swimming, hot-tub, steam-tent, body-painting, flat-rope and chai-tent-chatter and drumming!” – Lars

“Go camping. Make new friends. Challenge boundaries. Recharge. Discover your inner child. Find love and acceptance.” – Jimmy


Jim Cairns, prominent Labour politician and Deputy Prime Minister in the Whitlam government, issued the following invitation to the VERY FIRST Confest gathering back in 1976:

“The purpose of the festival is to show the urgent need to SHAPE ALTERNATIVES NOW. Ways must be found because of the violent, acquisitive, alienated, industrial society which now poses a threat to survival. People have for centuries searched for equality and the right and ability to determine their own development. Individuals must accept responsibility for themselves. Personal happiness and equality, as much as a good society, depend upon self realisation. The most vital factor today is a sense of true identity. This is lost because our identities are created by others – not by ourselves. The all-powerful externally created hegemony in this assumed-to-be-free society, and its internalised personal alienation, must be understood if self realisation can be achieved.

The starting point must be the “will to be the self which one truly is”.

Sydney Confest is a local offshoot of Confest, sharing the ethos and the love.