What to Bring

The Sydney ConFesters gatherings are held in rural areas where a minimum of facilities are available.  You will be camping on the site so bring your own torch (with spare batteries), pillow, sleeping bag and mat. Most people camp in their own tents / tarps. If you need help, a community shelter maybe provided by making prior arrangements with the organisers. If your tent uses pegs, bring a hammer as the ground may be hard. Folding chairs or a blanket would be useful to sit on.

Cooking can be communal, done in small groups or individually. Bring a personal water bottle(s). If the weather is hot, dehydration is a danger, especially for children. If you don’t intend partaking of the available communal cooking, bring whatever cooking and washing up facilities you require (eg; folding table, pots, a chopping board, knives, frypan, matches, plates, cutlery, wash cloths, tea towels etc.). The communal cooking area will be fully equipped for preparing communal meals, but no crckery or cutlery will be provided.

There is no refrigeration available. Bring cereal, pasta and other ingredients that will last, eg; crusty sourdough breads; crisp bread; biscuits; salami; tinned tuna; hard cheeses; boiled eggs; UHT milk, carrots etc. Soft vegies tend to go off quickly. You are strongly encouraged to share your food with others in the preparation of communal, vegetarian meals. If you intend sharing in communal meals, please record on FaceBook advising the food items you intend sharing. If you have frozen or perishable foodstuffs, you will need to bring an eski with ice prepared in large PET bottles. Consider preparing several meals in advance and freezing them in plastic containers to be eaten towards the end of your stay. Don’t forget snack food for yourself and to share with friends.

While Sydney ConFesters is clothing-optional, as the weather is always unpredictable, be sure to bring plenty of appropriate clothing, including gumboots, should it turn cool, cold or wet. Many people find that on warm or hot days a sarong and hat is all they need.

Bring with you the usual toiletries soap, shampoo, towel etc. While a first aid officer will be on site, it is important that you bring your own insect repellent and sun block. Don’t forget to bring a bag for your rubbish. So you can take it home. We do not have rubish bins. Compostables are buried on site for recycling.

If you have and play a musical instrument please bring it along with you. Sheet music with guitar chords are particularly valuable for impromptu group playing.

What not to bring.

You are respectfully requested to leave your alcohol, illicit drugs and pets behind. Please honour this request. If you have children, please discourage them from bringing electronic games and radios.