Self Transformation Workshop by Nadia Nauss

Self Transformation Workshop by Nadia Nauss

How would you like to free yourself from Family and Society conditioning?
To own your Desires? To reclaim your Sovereignty?

For a strictly limited number of people, a uniquely powerful Self Transformation Workshop by Nadia Nauss takes place on Jan 28th 2023 at a private river frontage campground, located near Wiseman’s Ferry only 90 minutes drive from Sydney.

The campground includes workshop spaces, hot showers and a kitchen. Our camping playground nestles between dramatic Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs and a wide river frontage.

Note that this workshop is strictly limited to a maximum of 30 participants. Adults only. Don’t delay or you will be disappointed – first in, best dressed!

Let 2023 be your year of flourishing!

Led by renowned Taoist Tantric facilitator, teacher and mentor Nadia Nauss, this special all-day Saturday workshop includes:

  • physical and emotional attunement practices
  • self-knowledge and authentic connection experiences
  • one-on-one dialogues with your teacher
  • tapping into the wisdom and insight of others
  • a tao tantric massage demonstration with kundalini activation
  • yoga nidra and trauma-informed hatha
  • ways to uncover your true Sovereignty

This is an opportunity to experience:

  • firming up boundaries and consent,
  • tapping into hidden energies and connection,
  • communicating with the Inner Child,
  • letting go of shame and blame,
  • letting go of past trauma,
  • owning your own desires,
  • uncovering ways of creative flourishing, and
  • becoming the sovereign of your life

Nadia will begin the all-day Self Transformation Workshop at a level of ease and comfort, before stepping up the intensity and challenging society convention.

Whilst the workshop encourages you to step out beyond what you think are the normal realms of possibility, all exercises are completely optional. You are free to participate as little or as much as you like.

These exercises are designed to be used not only on the day of the Self Transformation Workshop – but on every day of your life thereafter.


  • If you want to stay for just the Saturday (1 day), this being the day of the Self Transformation Workshop by Nadia Nauss: $250
  • If you want to stay for the Full Weekend (3 days) including the day of the Self Transformation Workshop by Nadia Nauss: $350 (only $100 extra for the extra two days!)

Important Note:
In order to provide the best experience possible for all attendees, tickets are strictly limited to the first 30 people. Don’t miss out, book now!

About Nadia Nauss

Nadia was introduced to the power of spiritual practice in 2008, during her travels around the world as a US Navy officer at the time, and left the Navy to become a certified teacher in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Nadia completed over 900 hours of teacher training including Yoga for Mental Health and iRest® Yoga Nidra and their functional and therapeutic application. Nadia also delivers the Woke Yoga Academy program of Trauma-Informed Yoga.

Nadia’s own lived experience of early childhood trauma has informed her approach to Inner Child Work.  Drawing upon her Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner certification, Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) training and Somatic Presencing, Nadia facilitates the safe release of repressed emotions through embodiment practices and self-regulation techniques with empathy and authenticity.

Nadia completed her Tantra Practitioner Level 3 certification in 2017 serving as a lead faculty member for Erotic Living, teaching trauma-informed tantric embodiment. Nadia’s Taoist Tantric Yoga integrates breathwork, muscular contractions, and visualization to cultivate, circulate sexual energy throughout the body to raise Kundalini life force energy and channel it into healing, vitality, pleasure, and creative expression.

Now, through her own Embodied Life Coaching practice incorporating the principles of Taoism, she mentors individuals, couples, and alternative lifestyle partners on realizing their life and intimacy goals through Holistic and Lifestyle Coaching.

“Nadia has a remarkable talent for holding a professional and safe space which is charged with such a Divine energy that I can only describe my lessons with her as transcendental. Such incredible shifts took place within myself and my relationship with my husband that our lives have certainly been profoundly enhanced. A wonderful teacher, healer and very wise young woman. Thank you so much Nadia. You’re amazing and I’m grateful.”

Arwen J., Nelson Bay, NSW Australia

“Nadia holds a beautiful sacred space, full of wisdom ready to be shared. Nadia’s grounded and nurturing nature helped me feel at ease, guiding me to dive deep into my own divine sensuality. I now have more wonderful tools for my own inner journey, whether to share for myself or with others. Thank you Nadia!”

Nathalie A., Alicante, Spain