Nudity FAQ

General Guidelines

Generally, the same guidelines for behaviour apply when naked as when clothed:-
  • It is OK to glance but rude to stare.
  • Do not engage in sexual activity except in your own private space.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Many people come to enjoy nature and don’t want to be disturbed. It is good to be friendly, but take your cues from their response and body language.
  • For sanitary reasons, sit on your own towel when using public seating.
  • Speak up for standards. If you see people who are violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and what the proper behaviour is.
  • Clearly indicate your boundaries. If your boundaries or the boundaries of others are not being respected, seek support – we are a community.
  • Don’t forget to get dressed when leaving the Sydney ConFesters camping area!

Will everyone be naked?

No. Sydney ConFesters is a clothing-optional gathering. It is not a nudist club. The freedom to be naked is an optional part of the whole experience. Apart from in a hot tub or swimming area, you can expect to see most people at least partially dressed, with only a minority fully naked.

Isn’t nudity sexual?

Most of the people who see public nudity for the first time are surprised by the lack of sexuality. The link between nudity and sexuality is society-driven and situational. Exposing even an ankle is seen as sexually provocative in some conservative cultures. At Sydney ConFesters, however, nudity is seen as natural and divorced from sexuality.

What if I am self-conscious about my body?

We are all different and no-one is perfect. Lumps, bumps, wrinkles and scars are what make us normal human beings. Being naked is a healthy way to learn body acceptance and body love. But it should be for yourself, and not to please others.

Is being naked appropriate for families?

Absolutely! Children can benefit greatly from a relaxed attitude to nudity from an early age. If they are taught that the naked body is something shameful, this can lead to hang-ups about body image. We cannot deny the sexual nature of human beings, but we can reject the all too prevalent view in our society that nudity and sex are synonymous, and that children should be “protected” from nudity. Nudity is not sexuality unless we choose to make it so.

I’m a man… will I get an erection, and what will happen if I do?

It’s unlikely to happen. Contrary to popular opinion, nudity in its simple state is not sexual, and Sydney ConFest is not a sexualised environment. The diversity of young, old, fat and thin should mean that sex is the last thing on your mind. If you’re nervous or stimulated and it does happen, cover yourself with a towel, roll over on to your front until it subsides, or take a discreet dip. Walking around without concealment when erect may cause offence and is not acceptable.

What about photos or videos

No taking of photos or videos unless you the photographer gains the explicit permission of people in advance. This explicit permission needs to be gained each and every time, even if of the same people as before. If, at a later date, one or more of the subjects requests that their picture or video be deleted, this request needs to be complied with. No distribution of images or videos unless with the express explicit permission of the people in the photo or video.