Next Gathering – SAVED

Thurs 27th Sept – Mon 1st Oct 2018
(incorporating the NSW October Long Weekend)

The next Sydney ConFesters Gathering will be at the NEW LOCATION known as 40 Acres Property from Thursday 27th Sept 10am until Monday 1st Oct 4pm (NSW Labour Day) 2018.

ADDRESS: 1313 Ourimbah Creek Road, Palm Grove NSW 2258


(online tickets were available until 5.00pm Friday 21st September 2018)

Tickets available at the gate:
$80 pp 16 years and over (or $20 for day visitor)
$1 pp 15 years and under


To keep costs down and in the spirit of community, each person is encouraged to contribute at least 2 hours of their time to the service of the community. This can be done in many ways: Cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, tending to the fire, setting up or packing away the camp site. This is not a comprehensive list, for more information about the community spirit of SydneyconFesters click on these links:
How do I Participate?
How We Operate

Thinking of running a workshop? Post it on the Facebook event page to promote it and get people excited to attend. This is a lovely, intimate way to share your knowledge and skills.

If you have a musical instrument, please bring it along with you. There is usually a drumming/music circle each night with dancing, joy and laughter to restore your body/mind system.


Food is in the way of community cooking of vegetarian meals in the community kitchen. The kitchen will be stocked with basics such as grains and legumes, herbs and spices and Chai ingredients.

In the spirit of community, we ask that all participants bring ingredients to share in the community kitchen. The kinds of things we need are: Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds of all kinds, protein foods such as eggs, cheese, various milks, tofu and good fats such as oils for cooking and salads.

What To Bring? click here

Please note that it is about 25 minute drive to the large town of Ourimbah.

Please be aware that this is an ALCOHOL AND DRUG FREE EVENT

Come early to assist with setup or stay late to assist with pack up 🙂

If you wish to know more about Sydney Confesters, contact us here

Look forward to seeing you there and thank you for your partnership in making this a fantastic festival.

Travel Directions to 1313 Ourimbah Creek Road, Palm Grove NSW 2258